Fire & Ice: The Daring Adventures of Cool Coyote

Amiga / CD32



This game has got to have one of the longest titles in gaming history. Nine fucking words. Just like the nine worlds in the Fire 'n' Ice game developed by N-Discovery Group. The basic premise of the game is to collect parts of a key in order to open up a door to the next level until you reach the big, bad boss called Glemm. The parts of the key are inside the mad animals / people. It's a truly shit idea but an idea that platformers used for years. Even these days you still find money on wildlife in games like Oblivion. Why?




The game is very cutesy and colourful. Just enough to make it sickening to look at. Worse than this are the controls. They're too sensitive for the type of lackadaisical hit detection going on. More effort was needed in this department to bring this game up to an average level of goodness. You can even see in my video, trying to jump onto platforms causes endless grief. Throughout the game you are accompanied by a little puppy that, for all intents and purposes, mirrors your actions. If you shoot, it shoots. If you move right, it moves right. It's similar to Tails in Sonic 2.

I must admit, the game begins promisingly; the movement is fluid, beating enemies is easy, there's lot's of weird things going on like a cloud moving about, but the sense of fun is soon destroyed when the difficulty of later levels kicks in and you're doing the same old shit. I don't know whether I'm being too harsh as you can sum up most games like this. For some reason, the map screen, which is like the map screen from Ghosts and Goblins, remains visible on the screen at all times. That's a useless piece of fuck ass isn't it?

The game keeps things spicy by introducing warps to other levels so you don't have to play everything. Phew! It's a bit like The New Zealand Story or Super Mario Bros. 2. I quite like the music. I quite like the music of most Amiga games so it's not like this game did anything special in that regard. The music changes style per level. There's not just some generic crappy music for outside areas, underground, water, castles etc. like Super Mario Bros games. All in all, not bad but not worth playing. If you want to play a platformer on the Amiga, stick with Superfrog. At least then you get the chance to play a fruit machine for a fucking password.